Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Update on My Balls

OK, I could have come up with a better title. But it made me laugh when I wrote it, so I'm keeping it. Also, if I did actually have balls I'm sure I'd want to write about them from time to time, so there you go.

So much is going on right now. Last week I wrote about it all at length. Feel free to read if you want to know all the details. But basically my whole life is in flux.

We have some progress though! Phew!

We are going to get to move into the flat after all. After lots of stress and some negotiating, we are all set to move in a few weeks. I say a few weeks, but really it's less than that. We get keys on the 10th and hope to be moving on the 13th. So now the major moving prep begins! I've already had two estimates on the move and hope to have a mover chosen in a day or two.

I now need to get to the business of moving. I've got to call all the utilities and credit card companies to change my address. I'm working on that list now so hopefully I won't forget anyone. I've also got to get up to the post office to do a change of address form there as well. It's a bunch of little things at this point. Hopefully I won't forget anything major.

We have chosen our egg donor but as of today I still haven't heard back from the clinic as to when this all begins. All I know is that I just wrote them a HUGE check so they better get a move on and earn their money!! I feel much better knowing that we will for sure be all moved in and settled before I have to start doing injections and all that fun stuff.

The rest is still in flux. We are hoping to hear something about the hubby's new job role soon. We hope to be able to figure out if we can go home for a visit soon. I am hoping to be able to stick to a diet and exercise regime. So those balls are still up in the air,,, but at least we've been able to catch a few of them and get things settled a bit.

I feel much better, fewer balls to juggle means fewer balls to drop!!


  1. The title had me laughing right away, thanks for that :)Glad some of your balls have settled, it feels good to put one down even if it means picking up a different one.

  2. I love the title! I had to hop over and see how the balls were doing!

  3. Any help needed with move just holler x

  4. yes you had me at "balls..." :-)

  5. Wishing you luck with all the things you have on at the moment

  6. It's a great title!
    All sounds very exciting. Seems like so much to do but I find the most important things to get done and the less important ones tended to later.
    When people are moving I usually volunteer my husband's services as he has good furniture-lifting muscles and a ute and trailer, but as we're on the other side of the world I think we're off the hook this time!

  7. haha! your title and first paragraph cracked me up. Glad to hear some of your balls are falling into place... :) I hear ya with all that little annoying stuff that comes with moving... we do it twice a year, every year! You do become very good at it very quick though :) It will be nice to be settled for when you start the egg donor process. What a relief! :)

  8. Oh wow - I have just come across your blog through Maxabella - I'm so sorry for your loss of your baby, and so inspired that you're starting a new journey too! Good luck with this next part of the journey - I hope all of your dreams come true xx

  9. argh, moving is never fun at the beginning, it's only full once you can start 'homing' the new place, that's what takes me through all the packing and paper stuff! good luck!

  10. Phew, so much going on! You doa magnificnent job.

    Thanks for joining in with R2Bc again.

    Mich x