Monday, 6 June 2011

Insomnia, My Old Friend

It's 1:30 am and I am wide awake. My old friend insomnia has come for a visit. I tried to fight it, tossing and turning in bed. But I learned long ago that at some point if I can't sleep it's best to get out of bed and do something else for a while before trying to sleep again. Otherwise I just end up getting mad that I can't sleep which makes it even less likely that I will sleep.

It's no surprise that I can't sleep considering we move in a week. My mind is racing with details. I've got most of the big things done now, like hiring movers, changing my utilities and my address at the post office. Although there is a slight snag with my cable/internet company which I'm hoping to resolve soon. It's one of those stupid bureaucratic things that have to do with our new address and how it looks in their computer system. In my view this is their problem not mine. But in their view it may delay the transfer of service. The thought of being without TV and internet sends me into a bit of a panic because it appears I'm totally addicted to my computer.

Tomorrow I've got to do some more shopping. Not the fun kind like shoe or jewelry shopping though. No, tomorrow I go shopping for wardrobes. We were lucky when we first moved here and found a place with lots of built in storage including wardrobes. But like many properties here in London, our new place has none. So I've got to go out and buy them. We've been in to do some measurements but I'm still unsure about exactly what size will fit in the new place. So for now I'm going to buy one just so that our clothes aren't all over the floor. Then once we get in with all our furniture I will figure out if we can fit a second one in our room. It's complicated, but I just don't want to buy something that doesn't end up fitting.

I was none too pleased to discover that my husband will require a larger wardrobe than I will. By some strange twist of fate, he actually has more clothes than I do. I know, it goes against all that is true in the world. What kind of wife am I who allows her husband to have more clothes than she does? The hubby is quick to point out that he has two separate sets of clothes. One for work which consists of suits and dress shirts, and an additional casual wardrobe. Since I no longer work outside the home, I only have one set of clothes. I now see that my one set is way too small. I must go shopping immediately to right this wrong!

But not this week because I've got too many things to do. Things that are rattling around in my head and keeping me awake.

I wish I could sleep!


  1. Following you from the Hop I hope you get some sleep soon,

  2. Sorry to hear that you can't sleep... it's a nightmare when things race around and around inside your head. I also have to get out of bed at those times. Thinking of you for your move and happy shopping :) xoxo

  3. I hate the brain rattle! But this too will pass. You could always spend your time looking for new clothes on line. You know. To even things out. :-)

  4. New fan here from Mingle Monday - good luck with the move! I hope you sleep easier in the coming days before :)

    Have a magnificent monday! :)


  5. I can't live without internet either. Hope it gets hooked up right away.

  6. My hubby has more clothes than me as well!! Annoying, isn't it!!


  7. What travesty! How can the hubby have more clothes than the wife? You must CORRECT the situation immediately.

    I think it is all the things that are associated with the moving that has stolen your sleep. Once the moving is done, I hope you will be able to sleep better.

    Good Luck finding the wardrobe, and yes your approach to finding one is correct.

  8. My hubby has more clothes than I do as well. He uses half of my closet space as well as his own.

    Good luck with the move, and with getting some sleep. I like to watch movies when I am going through a round of insomnia.


  9. The more we think about a lot of things, the more we'll have a hard time of sleeping. You need to be in control of your thoughts, relax and empty your mind, to have a good sleep. If you find it hard to relax, then maybe it's time you consider getting yourself a treatment. How about give acupuncture a try?

    -Jessi Casas @ FoxValleyAcupuncture

  10. If our mind is busy processing a lot of things, we’ll definitely find it hard to sleep. Insomnia can be avoided if you relax yourself at least an hour before sleeping. I hope you’ve take some treatments in order to get enough sleep. Did you perhaps try chiropractic therapy? :)

    Mathew Triano