Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm A Big Baby At The Dentist And I'm Proud!

I'm not really proud that I'm a big baby at the dentist. That was actually a weak attempt at sarcasm. I'm actually quite embarrassed at my behaviour lately but It's real so I'm trying to own it.

It all started a while back when I realized that I had run out of excuses to avoid the dentist. You can click on the link there to read all about the back story. But bottom line, I need cavities filled and I get scared. So the dentist gave me a prescription for 10 mg of Valium (weak in my opinion) and we booked my appointment.

Last Friday was attempt number one. I'm sure you can see what's coming here.

I took my little pill and walked to the dentist. I was immediately told off for not having someone walk me to the appointment as had been required. As I only skimmed the instructions I had not noticed that I was supposed to have a friend take me to AND pick me up from the appointment. Oops! Scolding over, it was time to get to work.

I got all numbed up with those horrible long needles and handled it like a trooper. In fairness, the needles have never been my issue, but I'm trying to get myself some credit here.

Then the drilling started.

This is where the panic set in. I am always afraid that the Novocaine won't work and I will feel something. It happened once and I've never been able to get over it. So I make it not even half way through one tooth and I start shaking. They ask if I'm cold. I explain that I'm not cold but am starting to have a panic attack. They sit me up to help me relax. Instead of relaxing I burst into tears.

Total humiliation.

I tell them I can't keep going. I can't do this. I am now in full blown panic. Nice!

So the dentist puts a temp filling in the tooth he was working on and I have to call my friend an hour and a half early to come and pick me up. She seemed quite surprised to be hearing from me so soon. So I have to share my humiliation with her. I'm sure she wanted to laugh at me, but was sweet enough not to.

I then had to make another appointment to come back and finish the work. This time I would be put under sedation. They have to bring in an anesthesiologist and everything. I'm not going under general or anything. Just a light sedation where I will be responsive but have no memory of the treatment!

No memory!!! Woo hoo!! No memory of the needle or the drill????? Sign me up!!

Did I mention it's expensive and most likely not covered by insurance?? Oh well, I'm trying not to think about that part since without it I would most likely never get the work done and my teeth would all rot and fall out. Nothing is more sexy than a woman with no teeth right! : )

So yesterday was the big appointment and attempt number two. I was still nervous even though I knew I was getting the good drugs this time. I got to the office a bit early and met my anesthesiologist. They sat me in the dentist chair and looked for a good vein in my arm. Once that was done I got a little injection and ............... bliss.

I remember waking up feeling a bit groggy. My husband was there to pick me up. The dentist was smiling at me telling me what I great job I did and how all the work was done. I don't remember a thing! It's like magic! Go to sleep and wake up with your fillings done.

I was a bit of a waste last night. The appointment was over at 5:30 and I pretty much only stayed up long enough to eat some dinner. I started falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 or so and was in bed by 9. I slept until 9 this morning,,,,,,,, double bliss!!

In fact you could say I slept like a baby, the big baby that I am!


  1. Hey, do what works for you, right?! I have been avoiding the dentist for way way too long (I am embarrassed to actually say how long), am definitely in need of some work done.

  2. I SERIOUSLY need to ask for this next time... freaking awesome! Worth every penny I assume!!! LOL!

  3. That sounds awesome! They should do all dentist appointments like that, mainly because of the either boring babbling the dentist does or the scary way they describe what they're doing, or if they do both at the same appointment (been there, no nice).

    My friend's son has panic attacks easily too so they sedate him for his dentist appointments too. I'm glad they let you have it too without having an actual diagnosis.

  4. I'm saving to do this for my wisdom teeth and I'm 36. They are waayyy overdue.

    I just read your story and I have no words to express how brave I think you are ( valium and sedation for dentist do not count! )

    Found your blog via comment via Comment Love day. I am a new follower & genuinely wanting to keep up with how thing are going for you.


  5. So glad it worked for you! I recently finished a run with my Dentist, one root canal after another; stressful for anyone having to go through the process.

    I give you much credit for finding a way to make it work to your benefit, and comfort!

  6. Thanks for stopping by to my blog. You are always welcome again. Wishing you all the best because of your terrible lost! LG Tina

  7. I can totally relate-I HATE the dentist! I have to get my wisdom teeth out soon and am dreading it! I'll definitely be going under for that one!

  8. Oh man, I can totally relate!! I have an appt to have a cavity filled tomorrow and I am stressing like crazy. I generally start to freak out when I feel like I can swallow, can barely breath, can't close my mouth, have all sorts of tools and hands in there, etc.

  9. Oh yeah, following you from the hop! ;)

  10. OK I so need to try sedation on my next visit. I hate going to the dentist, even for a teeth cleaning. I hate the sounds and I cannot find my happy place when someone is scraping around my mouth. Yuck!
    I'm over from the hop.

  11. But it's over! Walking through the door was half the battle! well done. x

  12. Haha, that's a funny and inspiring story. Good thing you didn't succumb to your dental fear, and instead fought it. Now you've got those awesome fillings! And what a way to reward yourself: a nice 12-hour sleep! LOL!

    >Samuel Hershey