Monday, 17 January 2011

Dear Tears

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Dear Tears,

Can you please go away? I am trying to get on with my life and you are making things very difficult for me. Walking around with red puffy eyes is not a good look. Plus, you are standing in the place where happiness should be. I would really like happiness to come and visit me. So if you could just leave for a while I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.



  1. i'm assuming it's rainy season in england right now? how miserable.

    poor you have friends surrounding you? i hope so, but i'm not sure how long you've been over there.

    also, red puffy eyes are the new in thing.

    hugs and sloppy kisses for you. and whatever else it takes. (except oral sex;)


  2. I am so, so sorry. They get to be an old friend after a while - I still cry for Maddie every day, over 18 months later. The choking, painful ones... those come less often. Be gentle with yourself.

  3. So sorry mamma.. I actually took a few pics of the horrid, puffy tear streaked face. I am creating a tab on the blog where I have stages- pictures of me as I navigate this path.. and it has been very interesting to watch them evolve- lots of up's and down's.
    love and light...

  4. I have days like this... PTSD is NOT my friend. AT ALL. I don't fight the tears. I let them flow... and then I take some quiet time, I reflect. I write. I pray & do A LOT of talking to God. I get it OUT. & I hope you, too, can get it OUT.

  5. I'm no stranger to the public 'meltdowns'; the ones that grip you by the throat and there is nothing you can do but let them flow - regardless of where you are. For some strange reason I look absolutely fine after these episodes, no red blotchy skin or eyes - the only tell is all the tears, snot and bunged up nose. BUt doesn't it lift a weigh off for letting them out, rather than bottling them up? I find the release quite a relief to be honest.

    Thank you for the 'stylish blogger award' by the way - I don't read many blogs to hand it on; you did a thorough job of that. Thank you for reading My Space and know that I hold your son in my heart also.

    Much love and good luck with managing those tears with your shades in winter - at least it summer over here!

  6. I cannot say your tears will ever completely day they will stop falling, but they will still be there. My wish for you is that soon your tears of sorrow will be mixed with many tears of joy.

    You have a touching story, and I am glad to have come across it.