Wednesday, 25 January 2012

There's Still Time

To participate in the Managing The Fear BLM Link Up!

Earlier this week I posed the question, "How do you manage fear during a pregnancy after loss?" I've been asked this question myself and I'm never sure how to answer it. So I invited you, my fellow Baby Loss Mom's to link up and share your experiences.

I want to thank those of you who have already linked up. I was moved by your honesty and can completely relate to your struggle.

Haven't linked your story up yet? No worries! There is still time to share your story. Here's a direct link to make it even easier

I'm keeping the link up open for a while longer because the more stories we have to share, the better. Each of us will experience our pregnancies and our fear in a different way. Each of us will have struggles and small victories. Each of us will sometimes feel like we're alone in all of this, that no one else really gets it.

I am hoping that by sharing our stories with each other we can see that we are not alone. Our experiences, while unique, are also quite similar. We have the same hurdles to overcome, the same huge fear to tackle.

Even if your story is about how you're not overcoming your fear. Even if your fear is winning right now. Even if you feel completely unqualified to give advice because you haven't figured it out yourself. By sharing that story, you will be helping other BLM's. Sometimes there is even more benefit in sharing our struggles than in sharing our victories.

So I encourage you all to link up and share your stories! I look forward to reading them!


  1. I don't really have a good answer, my current pregnancy after having a stillborn twin last time was not planned. In fact, I had an IUD. That said, this week in a more or less single moment I described it as feeling as if a sense of impending doom had lifted. I really think it was seeing the perinatologist and how nonchalant and non-stressed at all about any of the issues he was. That it was a short gestational space, that the pregnancy is again multiples, that I now have a history of preterm delivery, that I now have a history of fetal demise and that the conception took place with an IUD in place.

    Just seemed so matter-of-fact and easy according to him that I almost am convinced that it was just a fluke.

    We will see if my positive and improved attitude continues or if I go back to assuming they've both dropped dead and raising my blood pressure through the roof whenever I'm about to see the OB and have an ultrasound.

  2. I'm working on a post but have had too much going on this week. Hope to link up soon.