Sunday, 21 August 2011

Just Added- Trying Again Timeline

I write about a lot of things on this blog. It's all a bit of a brain dump as I jump freely from one topic to another.

I realize that this can make it hard to keep up sometimes. So I've added a tab at the top to keep track on my donor egg IVF journey. A timeline of where I'm at and where I've been.

So if you're a new follower and want to know how I got here you don't have to wade through all my other posts to figure it all out.

Although I do hope you will still read them at some point. Just saying! : )

Here's a link to the tab, or you can just click on the words Trying Again Timeline near the top of my page, just next to My Story.


  1. You are on an awesome journey that I know will give you the joy of your hearts.

  2. I beleive this is my first time here and I am very moved by your story. Your balloon release was beautiful, I am sure your son enjoyed receiving all those special thoughts. I will be following your journey and hope this next cycle brings you much joy. P.S. I wouldn't share the Rolos either!

  3. No Rolo sharing!! :)

    I look forward to reading until you bring a baby home.