Wednesday, 23 March 2011

On The Road

We're going back to the US for our appointment with the clinic where we are going to do our egg donation. I'm excited but nervous. I'm also a bit miffed about the difference between what women have to endure vs what men do when it comes to assisted fertility. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as a man.

I have to get some kind of mock transfer thing where they "map my uterus." I don't foresee any scenario where this isn't completely awkward and uncomfortable. The hubby on the other hand has to provide a "sample." I don't foresee any scenario where this isn't at least slightly enjoyable for him.

So basically, I leave the office feeling violated and probed and he leaves with a smile on his face. Life really isn't fair is it????

I've got my list of questions ready and am hoping to make the final decision as to whether we share our donor with one person or two. The cost goes down if you share and we can't afford to have our own donor. Plus I've got some questions about how the whole anonymous donor thing works if at some point in the future the child (so getting ahead of myself here) has questions about the egg donor.

We are going to spend the rest of the weekend in the US as tourists. Which really means I get to go to Target and we get to eat all the fattening US food that we can't get in the UK. I think of it as food tourism. Perhaps I will do a post dedicated solely to what we ate on our trip???

Yikes! We're really doing this!!!


  1. Maybe inappropriate to ask (and I have my own assumptions), but how does a man just suddenly provide a sample? Do they provide some, ehm, reading material for him?

    And seriously. There's pretty much nothing enjoyable about being probed by doctors.

    Yes, please blog about food. Can I request photos?

    Target. Six months in Germany and walking into Target for the first time was basically heaven on earth. Love that place.

  2. Aaaahhhh. The smell of Target. Nothing like it.

    If you're in the midwest/south, get some Sonic.

    Good luck!

  3. good luck on whatever you guys decide to do. But yeah men really have it way to easy!

  4. oh my goodness... it sounds like such a violation for you. I do hope that Target time is therapeutic for you!!

  5. Best of luck... all my thoughts are with you :) I'm sure you'll find the decision that is best of you and hope you get all your questions answered :)) With you on the inequality of woman v's man in ART.... not fair :) xoxo

  6. Good luck on the road trip and as others have said; I hope the good eating and Target shopping makes up for the violation. My fingers are crossed for you

  7. How exciting! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

    BTW, I heart Target!

  8. Keeping nothing but good thoughts for you!

    Everyone seems to agree on seeing you enjoy a visit to Target, Sonic and more...send us photos!

    Safe trip!


  9. Best of luck with your meetings and fertility appointments. I wish you all the best on this fertility trek. And love me some Target...was just at one on Tuesday. I can't wait to see your upcoming posts.

  10. Best of luck to you, and yay for Target.

  11. You had me giggling your entire post... thinking of you! Target rocks!! and so does food that's high in fat and low in healthy :) xxoo

  12. Yeah so excited for you! Have a great time eating and visiting Target! Will be sending positive thoughts your way that the procedures aren't entirely horrible.

  13. New Year Mum clued me in to the fact that you were gearing up to start an egg donor cycle. I'm so excited for you and excited to have company on this journey.

    A mock cycle is usually not so bad. LOTS of estrogen and a few ultrasounds (which involves some probing) and bloodwork appointments, and you are good to go. But still...hubby's job is soooooo much easier (even though my husband whines like a child about it and refuses to do his part at the clinic). Here, they will allow you to "collect" at home if you keep the "contribution" warm with bady heat and get it to the clinic within 15 minutes of collection. That's my job (because his part is so tough). I envision a poileman pulling me over one day, walking up to the case, and seeing me with a ziplock bag, containing a cup, containing know... in between my breasts. How do you explain that one? Or that the ticket has to wait because you can't be late getting to the clinic? This has never happened, but the thought always amuses me.

    I hope you enjoy your visit and that your mock cycle goes smoothly. Can't wait to watch your journey unfold.

  14. Yea for egg transfer! It does suck how much women have to deal with in comparison to what men have to handle...curse you eve! lol
    You have me smiling from ear to ear. :)
    Fast food, I guess if you want...ewww :-p
    Defiantly dedicate a post to your experience. I would love to see what you do.
    Target, yes! its a must and go to Ikea if you can! Best stores ever!

  15. My husband insists that the SA is much more uncomfortable than we realize...but he's never had saline shot through his cervix and then been probed. Good luck with the procedure and enjoy your food. We want pics!

  16. Just popped in from the MLM link :)
    So very sad for your loss, absolutely devastating and I really admire the strength it must take to share this experience.
    Best of luck with the US trip, I'll keep everything crossed for you!

    Kerry xxx

  17. B. Wilson, sometimes there is "reading" material and sometimes there isn't. The office in DC had reclining leather chairs and videos so in my husband's eyes it was first class (eww).

    Target was great,,,, and open till 11.