Friday, 6 April 2012

Photo Challenge

It's the 6th of April and I'm still enjoying this photo challenge. Truth be told, it's probably going to be more fun for me to take the photos than it will be for you to look at them but that's just the way it goes sometimes. So I understand if some of you want to skip these photo posts. Although if I'm honest, this place can get pretty dark sometimes so maybe these photo posts are a nice break from all my inner angst. Either way, I'm having fun so I'm going to keep doing it.

Here's my photos from 3-6 April.

3. Mail

I just love the red post boxes here in England. This one gets a lot of use from me since they only drop off mail at your house, they don't pick it up. So everything you send has to go into one of these boxes.

4. Someone who makes you happy

It's The Hubby of course. He can make me smile and laugh even during the darkest of times. And trust me, we've been through some pretty dark times over the years. He was out of town on the day I was supposed to take this photo. So instead of trying to find an old one and then crop out his face, I settled for a photo of his closet. It's so much more neat and organized than mine is.

5. Tiny

In direct violation of our "no buying any baby stuff" rule, The Hubby came home with these little darlings last weekend. He was in big trouble! Not just because he broke the rules, but because your eyes are not fooling you. These are in fact Michael Jordon socks. They came as a set with a white pair and two pink and white Michael Jordan basketball jerseys. Since we are not from Chicago nor am I a big fan of little girls in sports gear, this purchase was not greeted with lots of enthusiasm by me. The Hubby knew of course that he would be in trouble and bought them anyway. He's determined to dress her in all kinds of sporty gear. I figure that if she's born alive and healthy then he can dress her in sports stuff every so often. Maybe on really cold days when she will be wearing a coat or wrapped in a blanket? Once you get over the fact that they are basketball themed,,, they are pretty cute. Baby socks really are the cutest aren't they?

6. Lunch

What is that? You may be asking yourself. It was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yes, I am very gourmet. I was so hungry after making it that I completely forgot to take a photo of it. By the time I remembered it was too late. So all you get to see are the crumbs. Plus my water which I am drinking by the liter these days. Oh, and don't forget my antacid. Preggo heartburn is no fun so I've got a million of these laying around.

That's all for now. More photos to come if I can keep up this pace and remember to take them each day.


  1. Love the pic of the little shoes and lunch. The lunch pic made me smile.

  2. Oh my, we already have a whole pile of pink and white sports gear being passed down from Elizabeth to baby dragon. I gave up that fight long ago :)

  3. I would not live long near a post office box like that without giving it a hat and coat and drawing on some googly eyes. It just seems to invite it.

  4. Love your photos :)) ... and esp looooove peanut butter and jelly :) After growing up in the US, I love it although others think I'm odd here in Oz (not something they do here) xo

  5. My fave in the UK is the post boxes and the phone booths.. even though the red ones are not as prevalent as they once were.. ahhh nostalgia.
    Love the socks.. so precious!