Monday, 2 April 2012

Photo Challenge

Well I've made it through another month and I'm still pregnant. I'm also just about to enter my third trimester. While most pregnant women see this as a sign of progress, I see it as the time when it all went wrong for my beloved son. So I've got to come up with some things to distract me.

Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim runs a monthly photo challenge and I've decided to join in for the month of April. She has an "inspiration list" for each day of the month. You're supposed to keep your camera with you and take photos each day when you find the item on the list. I actually wanted to start doing this a few months ago but was an epic failure at it.

Things will be different this month though. I really need something to focus my energies on. Plus it will force me to get out and take photos, something I love but usually only do when we go on vacation. If you like the idea, I welcome you to join in. I'd love to see your photos too!

I can't promise I will post a photo each day here, but I will take them each day and post when I have time. So expect a few posts per week with multiple photos on them. Not perfect follow through, but probably the best I can do. My goal is creativity and distraction, not perfection.

So here are my first two photos.

1. My Reflection

My 27 week baby bump. Grow Frostina grow. 

2. Color

There's nothing nicer than the colors of spring. These lovelies popped up in my back garden about a month ago.


  1. Awesome...I love distraction. yay to third trimester...but well it is probably going to be rough. At least it is one step closer to meeting that sweet baby girl. Great belly shot!

  2. Grow like those flowers, little girl.

  3. Thinking of you and Frostina....

  4. Hoping all goes well for you . . . pregnancy after a loss like yours is not easy. I know, I've been there :-(

  5. Great idea to keep yourself occupied with some positive activity. Enjoy the outdoors and taking photos. I look forward to seeing your finds :0)

  6. loving the bump! and the top is nice too.
    Keep up the good distractions..

  7. Sending you an inapproproiate belly rub from a stranger