Saturday, 28 April 2012

Back From Vacation

I haven't written about it here at all, but The Hubby and I are just home from a week away. It was so nice to be somewhere warm and sunny for a change. It was also nice to just be away from normal life and really relax and enjoy things.

I've been doing a bit of blog reading while I'm away but I'm pretty behind on things. I promise to do my best to catch up once I tackle my jet lag and of course, laundry mountain. Lucky for me (yes I'm being sarcastic) the weather here in London is total crap so I have nothing to distract me from spending tomorrow washing clothes.

I'll write more later when I'm not so tired and loopy.


  1. Welcome back to the wettest drought in history lol.

    Glad you got some sun and a decent rest.


  2. Welcome back - a vacation sounds lovely :)

  3. Welcome back. Even here in Miami the weather has been crappy.

  4. Vacation!! Lovely!!!

    Congrats on 31 weeks!!

    Perusing your blog via ICLW (#86)

  5. Oh I want to go on vacation too! Welcome home. 31 weeks!!!!!

  6. Welcome back :) We're heading into winter here... and I'm already dreaming of somewhere warm... lucky you :)) xoxo

  7. Glad to read that you had a wonderful vacation. Warm and sunny must be a nice change from rainy and crappy. Hope spring will assert itself more strongly in the UK very soon.