Monday, 26 September 2011

Out, Damned Spot!

No, it's not stain removal I'm talking about it. It's spots. The kind that appear on your face. In the US we call them pimples but here in the UK they are called spots. I like the term because it makes them sound much more like the unwanted visitors they are. 

What is the deal with all these spots/pimples on my face??? It's bad enough that I have to deal with the emotional side effects of the IVF hormone injections but this too? Seriously, it's just not right. I am way too old to be dealing with this. I think it should be illegal for these nasty things to appear on the face of anyone over 30!

It's like I'm going through a second puberty. Except that I've already got my period, my boobs, and all the extra fabulous body hair. So I'm stuck with the moodiness and the pimples. Sounds sexy doesn't it? I'm sure the hubby would agree with you but he's way to scared of me to admit it. 

This sucks!

*I thought I'd go all literary with the title to raise the level of this post. Not sure it worked though.


  1. Just another way that infertility is the gift that keeps on giving. It should be illegal to have cramps, pimples, sore boobs, hot flashes, nausea all at the same time and NOT be pregnant. *sigh*

    I have everything crossed that you are going through this to have a baby at the end of it all :)

  2. Grrrr the spots drive me mad!!!!!!!!!

  3. I got them big time when pregnant, especially my nose. Bastard things.

    Oatmeal? It seems to be the only thing that helps me. Just make sure you wash it off really well, dried porridge looks uglier than the spots!

  4. I think i'm going to have to start calling them spots, sounds much less gross than pimples. Maybe you can just start calling them baby spots? It will all be worth it in the end, thats the mantra I repeat to myself daily...

  5. I also prefer calling them spots even though my friends call them zits. I actually think spots sound LESS gross than zits or pimples. But they all look the same. And my hormones have been wonky since Eliza was born--my perfect pregnancy skin now breaks out right on schedule with my cycle each month. It's so charming, and such a lovely addition to the already unwelcome AF.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Best of luck with your frozen embryo cycle.

  7. URG, damn spots! I agree pimples should be outlawed after 30.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope the spots make a swift disappearing act.

  9. And here I thought I was the only one... Be gone spots!

  10. Ack! Me too!
    Best part?
    Went to the dermatologist because I was fed up with being infertile, broken hearted, over weight and having zits to boot.
    You know what the effer said??
    Remedy 1: Go on birth control pills
    Remedy 2: Take twice daily oral antibiotics until the flare ups go away
    Remedy 3: Get pregnant
    I kid you not.
    Great yet another thing being pregnant does for you-just what i needed!

  11. Oh the damn spots! I like that better than pimples too. I developed a mean case of back spots during my last round of IVF, it was right in the middle of summer too. So, you can imagine wearing tank tops and bathing suits was a real problem:)

  12. "It is not a tumor."

    - Gov of CA