Friday, 1 July 2011

Waiting For The Crazy

Today I did my second injection and I'm waiting for the crazy to kick in.

I have heard all about how crazy the hormones you have to inject during any IVF cycle can make you. I've heard especially bad things about lupron which is what I'm currently injecting into my not-so-flat tummy. Actually, having a bit of extra "fluff" on my tummy makes it much easier to squeeze and jab. So yay for not being skinny!

I'm now wondering when it will come. The crazy I mean.
  • Perhaps it's waiting until the hubby gets home tomorrow morning from his business trip? 
  • Perhaps it's waiting until I chat with my parents on Skype on Sunday? 
  • Perhaps it's waiting until the 4th of July party we're attending this weekend? 
  • Perhaps it's waiting until my bikini wax next Tuesday?
  • Perhaps it's waiting until we get to the airport next Friday? Ooh, airports are good places to bring out the crazy. 
  • Or perhaps it will spring out at me when I'm least expecting it?

Or maybe it's already here and I just haven't noticed it yet. The hubby is away and I've been so busy running errands the past 2 days that I haven't seen any of my friends either. So perhaps the crazy is here but there's no one around to tell me. If that's the case than that's OK. Ignorance is bliss!

*Disclaimer- When I say crazy I'm referring to the hormonal mess that people become when they inject mass quantities of hormones into themselves in order to try and have a baby. I am not speaking about anyone with an actual mental illness and do not mean it in a derogatory way. If I have offended anyone with the use of the word crazy, I apologize profusely and blame the hormones!


  1. Love the P.C. Disclaimer...hopefully your body will give you a little bit of a break...I think we all deserve it after the mess we have been through!

  2. Aw, I don't think you needed the disclaimer I think that it is widely accepted that hormones plus a woman can often equal a bit of crazy whether it's being pregnant, going through what you're going through or even just being that time of the month! I hope you don't end up too crazy though. I am sure you have lots of people surrounding you who can be ready with hugs if need be. Oh and if all else fails, unleash the crazy on here. That's what blogs are for!!

  3. My guess is the airport. They really shouldn't refer to those people as customer service reps, they're just mean!

  4. I hope not during your bikini wax. I think that could make an already uncomfortable situation even more uncomfortable... Good luck!

  5. I never really got emotional, but the Lupron injections gve me awful headaches!

  6. Congrats on getting started! Hope the crazy isn't too bad for you. When I've done Lupron in the past I don't remember it being that big a deal, but this time around I have insomnia and anxiety over all sorts of ridiculous (and not so ridiculous) things. Plus I get mad at work stuff which normally I'd let roll off my back. Plus my husband says I'm edgier than normal. Sigh.
    PS. I'm so incredibly sorry for the loss of your baby. So glad you are trying to get pregnant again. The whole process must be complicated by your grief over your loss...I can only imagine how hard this is. Wishing you the absolute best.

  7. being a legitimate 'crazy', i take no offence in your reference: some of us have crazy put upon us, and some of us have crazy in us always;)

    i'm so excited for you...i hope everything goes well. <3


  8. Ah, lupron didn't make me crazy, BCP did! lupron makes me weepy and sleepy and headachey.

    All you've got to do is follow the calendar and you'll get through. one day at at time cycle sistah!

  9. Ah! congrats on starting. I hope that everything is going well on your end!

  10. I never noticed my "crazy" phase. Only when people commented that I must be "off the dope" that I realized they had noticed when I was hormone heavy. :-) x

  11. Could you be any sweeter?

    I proclaim you SAFE from any misunderstanding as I represent myself as Crazy and all my Crazy Brothers and Sisters.