Thursday, 7 July 2011

Off We Go

This cycle is off and running! My first scan and blood work were done today. I have to say it's a bit icky to have an "internal" scan during your period. It's not the nicest experience and I would imagine it's even worse the poor nurse who has to do it.

Ok, gross,,, TMI,,, sorry about that. I try not to be flippant when talking about the yucky stuff but it becomes so normal I sometimes forget that it may gross some people out.

Anyway, the scan went well. My lining is nice and thin just like they want it to be. My hormone levels are all good too. So I'm officially off the lupron and on the del estrogen.

I just finished my first "in the muscle" injection and I am indeed getting braver. I didn't hesitate at all, I just jabbed that needle right in. It may have helped that I just got back from a leaving party for a friend who is moving to the US and had a few glasses of wine. But I'm taking the credit that I didn't hover over my leg for 20 minutes before literally taking the plunge.

It did hurt more than I remember from the mock cycle. Perhaps I hit a more sensitive spot, or perhaps it's just bad luck. But either way it's done!!


  1. Thinking of you. Good for things to be finally underway!

  2. Goodluck! Oh my, you're brave with needles.

  3. Oh I shot myself once in the leg and never again. Butt. Ask for longer needles if you need. And just buy an ultrasound probe and have it permanently glued to your lady bits. That is how I sort of felt. :-)

  4. So glad that things are underway for you. Best of luck.

  5. Oh so true...AF and internal icky! I actually feel bad about the u/s tech too!

    You are so awesome with the needles.

  6. Its crazy what we'll go through for a baby! I got wanded yesterday too, it never stops grossing me out, you think i'd be over it by now!

  7. So long Lupron you nasty bitch!

  8. I just hope that the nurses and docs are used to it because they do it so often, so it doesn't bother them as much as it bothers me.

    bleh Lupron...yeah estrogen!