Sunday, 17 April 2011

The London Marathon

Today was the London Marathon. I volunteered to help cheer on the team running for Great Ormond Street Hospital. For those of you who don't already know, Great Ormond Street is an amazing children's hospital here in London. So when I found out they needed people to help cheer their runners, I jumped at the chance.

They gave us these bright purple T-Shirts to wear. Normally I wouldn't be caught dead in a bright purple T-Shirt, but for today I made an exception.

We got these purple inflatable noisemakers to help cheer the runners on. They were actually a lot louder than they look.

Every time we saw a runner wearing these tops we cheered like crazy!

It was an amazing day. We cheered for wheelchair racers, racers with prosthetic limbs, and even racers wearing some crazy costumes.

Oh, and we also cheered for my friends husband who was running for a different charity. 

I felt inspired! But not inspired enough to run a marathon,,,,, I'm not that crazy!

This post is my way of participating in Natasha's Happy List Saturdays even though I'm a day late.


  1. What a wonderful idea... there was a run here for our children's hospital and always so great that they raise so much money. Hope you had a lovely w/end... love always xoxo

  2. Hope your weekend was a great one!! :)) Looks fun! I have never been to London and would LOVE to visit.

    As for your last post, you do you. Your friend has NO idea how you feel and will not understand how you feel. I have ignored THREE baby shower invites since my daughter was born. I cant go..
    I think its perfectly fine for you to be childish. Because its not childish. I am so sorry you have to even be put in that position and I am sure it is so so painful for you...
    Big hugs and much love...

  3. That was awesome of you to volunteer to help with that! Hope you had a great weekend

  4. I hope you had a grrrreat time cheering your favourites.

    I read your last post too. You are being as childish as I am. But I think you deserve to take some time off that kind of socializing. I pray that your friends will understand.