Saturday, 9 April 2011

Happy List

Once again I'm participating in Natasha's Happy List Saturdays. I've taken a few weeks off because sometimes it's hard to come up with happy things. But not this week. So here goes.

1. My bag-o-meds. I'm not at all happy about having to inject myself (I haven't gone totally crazy). But I'm happy that we have a plan. This bag represents a path forward, hope, and optimism. I do wish that our plan didn't involve needles, but hey,,,, I've been through much worse.

2. Clear tubes. I can't believe I'm posting this photo a second time. But they mean we can move forward with our egg donation + IVF cycle. And that's a good thing.

3. Sunny days. Please note that this photo was taken on a holiday to Dubai last year,,, this is not London. But a sunny day in London makes me feel like I'm on holiday. And holidays make me happy.

4. Wine with friends. Such a nice way to spend an evening. And some macaroons if you've got them. Again, this photo was taken on a weekend away in France. I think the fact that I'm digging out old holiday photos means I need to plan another one soon.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. That's one nice uterus! Here's a hoping!

  2. The pictures are so nice! I hope you have a good weekend too.

  3. oh I wish you more good luck than you can fill your heart with.

    stopped by from ftlob and so glad I did!

  4. So glad you have a plan!! It's great to have hope in a certain direction...

    Sending hugs all the way to the UK! <3

  5. Love your list.... the all clear to start your cycle is such great news :))... & love your holiday photos - a holiday as a treat to yourself certainly sounds like a fantastic idea xoxo

  6. Plans make me feel good, too. Seems like at least a step in the right direction. Love the vacation photo - beautiful!

  7. Congratulations on your clear tubes, I love this happy post!

    I am hopping by from the weekend hop! I hope you can come visit

  8. I have seen a lot of things on my way around the Weekend Rewind but yours are the first Fallopian tubes! Good luck with your IVF dream. Thanks for Rewinding x

  9. Here's to meds and great tubes xxx