Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Have I Mentioned That I Hate Moving?

Here I go......... I HATE MOVING!

As I have talked about previously, we have to move. Not out of London, just out of our flat. Why you ask??? Because a certain celebrity (who shall remain nameless like everyone else here on this blog) is buying our place. So we are being evicted by a celebrity. Hooray for us!! Well not really. Being evicted by a celebrity sucks just the same as being evicted by a normal person (or "civilian" as Liz Hurley would say).

We have to be out by the beginning of July so there is still time but I'm starting to panic slightly. We've been looking since March and have found nothing suitable. We are spoiled and picky. We live in a fabulous part of London and we refuse to even consider another part of town. We love our cute little flat and want something just as nice. Is that asking too much??

Our street this winter when it snowed. Who wouldn't want to live here?

Except that the market is different than when we moved here over 5 years ago. Fewer people can get mortgages and so more are renting. Which means supply is down and rents are up.

I am currently working with 2 estate agents who are both operating with a very "casual" attitude. Basically they email me properties. I email them back saying that I want to see them. Then they never email me back. So I call them and they act like nothing is wrong with them never getting back to me. I feel like I'm constantly chasing them. Me, chasing them to help them make money from helping me. What is wrong with this picture???

Finally in desperation I have found a relocation agency that will do all the work for me. Except she can't show me anything from the two agencies I'm already working with. Apparently there is "turf" and "rules" around this sort of thing. Seriously?? They can lay claim to me as a customer even though they have barely lifted a finger to help me? I don't care who helps me with what, I just need a new place to live.

So needless to say, it's been frustrating.

But I'm trying to be positive because the relocation lady is going to take me out tomorrow and show me a whole bunch of places. Hopefully I can find something I like. Because with everything else going on I really don't need to be so stressed out about where we're going to live.


  1. I can't believe you're getting thrown out of your home, just because some celebrity whined that he or she wanted it! Ridiculous! Good luck on your search- I hope you find something even better!

  2. That is a beautiful picture - it looks wonderful. I hope everything works out for you, just stay positive :)

  3. This situation sounds awful. I'm sorry that you can't just relax about moving...having estate agents are supposed to make things easier...i'm sorry. Hugs-

  4. I hope you find something EVEN better. My Grandpa lives in South Coulson in surrey. It's adorable and I vote you live there if you have to leave your gorgeous home (and yes, I'd love to live on that street!).


  5. That is a beautiful picture :) So sorry you are being asked to move and the estate agents are being a total pain. I will keep everything crossed that the relocation lady can show you some fab properties. You are so right, you don't need this stress right now. Fingers and toes tightly crossed for you.

  6. Lovely photo, something out of a storybook!

    Will keep good thoughts for you. Would LOVE to know who this "celeb" is, lol.

  7. Hope you have good luck with the relocation company and they can find you something soon. That picture is great too!

  8. beautiful picture! Looks like a nice area to live, too bad you have to move:(

  9. That is a bummer, because that kinda stuff should be fun! Hang in there, you will get something!

  10. That sounds so frustrating. I hope you find something really wonderful really soon.
    (P.S. Dying to know who the celebrity is!)

  11. I hate moving too :(( It can be so emotional... hope your relocation agent finds you somewhere to 'nest' soon :) xoxo

  12. That is one beautiful street! I hope you find another flat in just a beautiful an area!

  13. I want to come visit you on that cute little street!!
    I hope you can find something, it jsut really stinks you have to move. I thought maybe the celebrity changed their mind since I havent seen you blog about it:(
    I hope you find something could take pics!! Anyways, I am thinking about you.

  14. Well, I hope that you find a great new place to move into.

    Tsk...Tsk... is it a certain Prince? :-)

    And hey there is something here that calls your name...

  15. Oh - that photo! You know, I've never really had any burning desire to see London. Other parts of England, but not London. But that street, that's not how I pictured it at all. How BEAUTIFUL!!

    I hope you find a place just as magical soon.


  16. Found you on By Word of Mouth link up and now following you. Thank you for sharing your story. Good luck on the move!

  17. A celebrity is kicking you out of home? That is the coolest way to find yourself in this predicament. Best of luck finding somewhere lovely and thanks for linking up to FlogYoBlog Friday x

  18. I am such an Anglophile. I love that street.

    In the process of moving as well. I am filled with hate from it. Dont be like me....