Friday, 3 December 2010

Speaking your mind feels great!

I should speak up more often! It feels great and if you don't let people know they are upsetting you then how can you expect them to change their behaviour? Actually, it is yet to be seen if any future behaviour will change, but a girl can dream right??

A few days I posted this about an exchange with my sister that really upset me. After our conversation I think she sensed something was wrong and sent me an email asking if I was mad at her.

Now normally I would respond that everything was fine because I don't like confrontation. But this time I was so upset that I felt she needed to know about it. With nervous anticipation I sent her a reply telling her how selfish I thought she had been. As is typical, she overreacted and got very dramatic. After a few very wordy email exchanges I think she finally gets my point. Not that she has accepted acting selfishly (that would be a miracle) but she acknowledges that what she did hurt me and she has apologized for that.

As someone who normally runs away from any type of conflict this was a big step for me. Maybe peace at any cost really isn't the best motto. Maybe I need to grow some balls and speak up more often, it sure felt great!


  1. I have had a similar situation happen with my sister, I've always been the one to just take crap from people, avoid confrontation and not start an argument, but recently I just had enough of it, and this situation just made me snap a little at her and, really had it out! She's always been one to expect things handed to her on a plate and I was sick of it!

    Its feels great to speak up sometimes and not be walked over!

    New follower, I found you though Weekend Rewind x

  2. Oh good for you. I really don't think it's good to hold things in (I am guilty of this too). It's much healthier to let things out.

  3. Good for you My New Normal! I hope this was the beginning of a whole new you? I reckon having the argument brings it to the head and resolves it quicker than if you stew. But that is just me :-) Thanks for Rewinding x