Saturday, 21 July 2012

Just Bin It

Having lived in England for 6 and a half years I've picked up some of the lingo. One of the terms I love is to bin it which means to throw something away. I'm not sure why I like this one so much, but I do. 

Back in January I was cleaning out my fridge and came across a bottle or Lupron left over from our IVF cycles. I wrote about how I was unable to throw it away "just in case" something went wrong and I needed to use it again. I was so worried that things wouldn't go to plan and I would be back at step one again.

Today I was doing a bit of fridge cleanup again. Side note... this makes my life sound soooo exciting doesn't it?? I found the bottle hiding in the same spot. I suddenly remembered exactly how I felt back in January.

Back in January when I was filled with so much fear. Filled with so much worry. Filled with so many what ifs. I was worried that by throwing away the bottle I was somehow testing fate. That getting rid of it would seem smug and way too confident. So I kept the bottle, even though my logical mind knew that simply keeping or not keeping medicine in your fridge has no influence on the outcome of a pregnancy.

But today is different. Today I am holding my precious rainbow baby in my arms. Today I know the outcome, and I have no need to hold onto fertility medications in my fridge. Especially since the bottle expired in April.

So what did I do??

I tossed it into the bin, and I smiled while I was doing it.


  1. Oh how awesome. I remember that post. I understood letting it sit in the back of your fridge untouched... Hoping all the while. Bin it! :)

  2. I went through my fertility meds and did this! Totally wonderful!

  3. Bin it! What a wonderful moment!

  4. Yahooo!! And I think you held a celebration right there in your arms.

  5. This made my heart smile :-)

  6. Love this. I had some Follistim in the fridge that we didn't need and I was able to give it to a friend. Best feeling ever.

    I have been so busy that I missed Frostina's safe arrival. I am doing a happy dance around my kitchen. HURRAH!