Sunday, 1 February 2015

Kids Being Sick Sucks

Both the girls have colds, it sucks. Last night just as we were sitting down to eat dinner, Olea started crying because she couldn't breathe. **We eat dinner late. After the girls go to bed**

Frostina (who has a new fear of the dark and needs to sleep with her door open) heard her sister and woke up too. The choir of crying would have been funny if it had happened in a movie. But in the real world it wasn't quite as funny.

It is sweet how when one girl is upset, the other one gets upset for her.... but not when they are both supposed to be sleeping.

After a bit, we realized that no one was going to be sleeping in her own bed. So we opted to divide and conquer. Hubby slept in our bed with Frostina and I slept in our guest room with Olea. Hubby definitely got the better deal because Frostina immediately fell asleep.

I got stuck with the 6 month old with her first really bad cold. She couldn't breathe through her nose and was very unhappy about it. So sleep for me was very hit and miss,,,, mostly miss.

Is it better to have them stagger their illnesses, or just get it done in one fell swoop?


  1. I'm sorry. I hate it when our babies are sick! Nosefrida for infants is amazing! And boogie wipes for toddlers. I hope everyone feels better soon!

  2. I can only imagine. First off, kids are more fragile, biologically speaking, as they haven't grown up enough to practice their resistance to most diseases. Secondly, is of course the safety and security thing, since they aren't much ready to fend for themselves. Those are the times where our guidance is most needed and is of utter importance. In any way, I hope you've found a way to get around that, and that you're kids are faring better. All the best!

    Noah Marsh @ MedCare Pediatric