Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm Finally Packing For Three

It feels like my blogging life has come full circle.

Or it's about to.

Where it all started,,, it's about to return,,, but with a much happier result this time.

It's surreal on many levels.

I almost can't believe it's actually happening.

If you would have told the me of 2 years ago that this day would come I'm not sure I would have believed you.

And yet here it is.

We are planning a trip home to see the family. We leave in a couple of weeks and I've got so much planning and packing to do.

A trip we do and prepare for every year.

But this year we are actually bringing a living, breathing baby with us.

No ashes in an urn.

A real living baby.

A real living baby!!!

We get to do all the things we had planned before....

A christening.

Family photos.

Sharing our joy with our loved ones.

Such a different place from where this whole blogging journey began.

That day, almost two years ago, when I wrote this post and Finding My New Normal was born.

Friday, 5 November 2010

I should be packing right now.

I really should be packing. We are flying home to see the family for the first time since losing our son in August. This was going to be the first visit home for him to meet his grandparents and extended family. But instead of bringing home a happy baby, we are bringing home his ashes in a tiny plastic urn. Instead of being held by his loving parents, his ashes will be scattered in a beautiful place that we both love. It is not fair and I do not want to have to be doing any of this. So this is why I am not packing yet. Because once I start packing I have to face the reality that I am only packing for 2 and not for 3.

A post about packing for a trip home is where it all began.

And today I once again write about packing for a trip home.

But today things are very different than they were that dark and sad day in November of 2010.

This time around I'm finally packing for three!!!


  1. Enjoy every single second of your trip. I think you deserve it . X

  2. 👍👍 So happy for you! Hope y'all have a great trip!

  3. So incredibly happy that you get to bring her home. Packing for three!!! So wonderful.

  4. Enjoy every moment of this new frontier with your family.

  5. Yeah! :) Pack everything but the kitchen sink ;) Hope you have a wonderful time with your family. Sweet post about your son btw. Brought tears to my eyes.

  6. How cyclical life is! Glad that you have been blessed with your dream girl and with the opportunity to take this trip again in a happier context. And yes, pack EVERYTHING and then if in doubt - take more toys!

  7. Hurrah!!! I hope you have a wonderful trip with your little Frostina.

  8. Hooray! Hope it was a wonderful trip. Thanks for Rewinding.