Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just Like Escrow, But You Get A Baby Instead Of A House

I forgot just how much paperwork is involved with a donor egg IVF cycle.

First you pay the clinic an ungodly amount money. Then the dreaded paperwork begins.

Sign this and scan/email it back to us.

Sign this and send the original to me at .....

Make sure this signature is notarized.

This one doesn't have to be notarized.

Consent forms up the wazoo.

I consent to this, I consent to that.

I promise to do this and I promise not to do that.

What to do with embryos left over? What to do if one of us dies before treatment is complete (really?)?

What to do if you cut your finger on this disclosure statement?

I swear, the last time I signed this many forms I was buying a house!!!

*Well sort of. We went through this process with Frostina a couple of years ago and the last time we bought a house was in 2003,,, but you get my drift. It's a lot like going through escrow, but instead of getting a house, you get a baby (if all goes well).


  1. I suppose it must be a legal minefield. Good luck.

  2. Glad that part is over, though. Congrats!

  3. Crossing my fingers for the "you get a baby" part!!

  4. It'll all be worth it in the end if you get a baby. Remember that part!

  5. Like Laura said...in the end it will be beyond worth every headache. SO glad things are continuing to move in the right direction!!