Monday, 5 August 2013

Jet Lag Is A Bitch

We are back in the UK after a wonderful trip home to the US to see family.

It's great to see family and watch Frostina interact with her family. But the coming home part sucks ass.

We are back to a land where it is 8 hours ahead,,,, after an almost 11 hour flight,,, with a 14 month old,,,,,,,

The plane ride was not so nice.

Our first night home was even worse.

Frostina went down at her normal 7pm bed time. Then she was up at 1am. Somehow thinking her bed time was just a nap.

So I was up with her from 1am until 4:30am until she finally went back to bed.

It's currently 9:45pm on day two.

Please let her sleep through the night!

Jet lag is a bitch!


  1. Yes, she is. Jet lag is a dirty evil bitch

  2. Just stopping by to say hello, I've not stopped by your blog for ages but saw your badge on another site and it reminded me to come by. I hope the jet lag passes soon and you can all get some quality sleep. Mich x

  3. Can totally commiserate. We live in Vancouver and did the reverse trip back to the UK to see family there. Waking up at 1 am in a hotel room outside London when you know nothing will be open for at least 6 hours and when you know you have to keep the kids quiet for the next 6 hours so that they don't disturb the people in the rooms next to you is a total bummer!