Thursday, 27 September 2012

Her First Cold

When you have a new baby you look forward to so many firsts. Her first smile, her first coo, her first steps. What you don't look forward to is the first time your little baby gets sick.

Well that's what happened this week. Our little Frostina got her first cold.

I know it's totally normal. I know all babies get sick. I know that I should expect between 8 and 10 colds a year. But it was still quite traumatic for me.

Of course it had to happen when The Hubby was away on business. Of course it had to happen at 11:30 on a Saturday night. Because it would have been way too convenient for it to start on  Tuesday afternoon when all the doctors offices are open and The Hubby was in town.

It started with a loud COUGH. I immediately rushed in thinking she was choking on something. That's when I noticed the snot,,,, and I knew exactly what it was.

The first night was rough. She wasn't sure what all this snot and coughing was all about. She was desperately tired and yet every time she was almost back asleep she would wake herself up with a cough. Then she would cry because she couldn't breathe or sleep.

My poor baby. Oh, and poor me who had to rock her in the chair from 3-5am until she was finally so exhausted that she was able to sleep through the coughs.

She's on the mend now. Still snotty and coughing, but sleeping much better. She still isn't eating as much because I'm sure it's hard to suck down a bottle when your nose is full of snot. But she's going to be OK.

Now if only I can recover in time for the next one!


  1. aww poor baby! I am not looking forward to that first cold :(

  2. Oh man!! Sick kids are the saddest thing! We have just gone through a bout of the littles being sick back to back to back. First the younger one, then the older one, and then, just for fun, the younger one again. Ugh. I know you have likely been inundated with advice, and I really think that what you have done so far, loving her, and holding her is the absolute best medicine, I do have one thing to share. I have found that taking baby into the bathroom, closing the door, and blasting a hot shower (while not in said shower), is a great way to temporarily loosen those secretions. I sometimes follow it up with a good nosey sucking with that bulby thing.

  3. Hugs. It totally sucks having sick kids. Kudos to you for realizing what was wrong as soon as you saw that snot.

  4. Nicky also had his first cold this week. But it's pretty much gone. Am using Salex spray to unblock his nose where necessary. dH made me take him to doc which was unnecessary, got more stuff for his nose which he hated I think it made it worse, so I've stopped with those. I know he is going to be fine. And I know Frostina will too. I agree the breathing thing is the most worrying, but they will be ok.

  5. It is horrible having a sick baby, glad she is getting better!

  6. Waah. Good for you, taking it in your stride.

  7. Definitely not my favourite milestone, that's for sure. You did good! I'm glad she's on the mend and that you all made it through. x