Saturday, 2 September 2017

Sweet But Sad

Frostina is in Kindergarten and is really loving it. Today she brought home a packet they have been doing titled All About Me. In it she had to draw her family. This is her photo.

Left - Right:  Daddy, Frostina, Olea, Me, and their brother.

I love that this picture shows that she does indeed understand that she has an older brother. I love that when she thinks  of her family she includes him. But it's also a reminder of what could have been. Of the brother they will never know.

So sweet, but so sad.


  1. So touching that she included her brother. You are right that it's both sweet and sad.

  2. <3 so lovely. My girls don't include Jack in pictures, but they talk about him a lot so it's fine with me. sweet, but sad for sure. <3

  3. This is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. It's a testament to love, even when love hurts. Sending you soft, gentle hugs from across the miles.